12-Week Weight Loss Journey


This 12-week program approaches weight loss with a a “mind-body”, whole health protocol. In addition to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, you will also experience personalized

- Initial Nutrition Assessment
- Weekly Wellness Education
- Proper Portion Control
- Macro- and Micro-Nutrient /Calorie Intake
- Weekly Menu Planning Support
- Behavioral Change Activities
- Vitamin Recommendations
- Optional Meal/Snack Supplements

This will be a journey for your mind and body! We will work together to develop a plan that works with your unique lifestyle.

This program is ideal for patients who want to lose 15-25lbs.

Fall program begins September 9th, 2019.

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Wellness Coaching Support


I’m here to help you have lasting success. Achieving your whole body wellness is a journey that can take longer than 12 weeks. After you’ve completed the 12-week weight loss program, I encourage you to explore my Wellness Coaching Package.

This option is ideal for clients who have completed their 12-week weight loss program but are still working towards their goal weight or would like to have occasional support after reaching their goals through the 12-week weight loss program.

This package includes 10 (15-minute) coaching sessions to be used at your convenience.

(PS - In my 10+ years of experience, the people that continue to check in after they complete a weight loss program are far more likely to stay at their goal weight than those that don’t continue to receive occasional support and coaching.)

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Nutrition Assessment

Nutrition Assessment


In this 60-minute counseling session, we will review your current health, medical history, lifestyle habits, exercise routine, medication and dietary supplement use. We will also talk through your health and weight management goals.

After this phase of the assessment is complete, we will conduct a body composition analysis, using the InBody scale, along with body measurements and a thorough review of your analysis.

Together we will then develop a plan to help you reach your wellness goals.

This assessment is ideal for clients looking to gain weight/muscle mass, overcome GI issues and more….

(The nutrition assessment is included with the 12-week weight loss program.)


Not sure if you’re ready to commit?

That’s ok. The weight loss journey is a mindset shift, as well as a physical change in your body. And I want to hear your story, understand your goals and make sure we are the best fit for each other before we start working together.

Let’s book a 30-minute complimentary consult to discuss your personal wellness goals and how I can help you achieve those goals. We will review service options, pricing and recommendations based on your goals. Recommended for all new patients.