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NEW Meals

Who We Are
Expedition Wellness Meals is the newest healthy meal prep service to the Des Moines metro. We provide nutritious and delicious meals created by our executive chef to help make eating healthier a little easier.

Our meals are:
  • Macro friendly

  • Packed with the perfect protein/carb/fat ratios that can be customized to meet your specific goals

  • Veggie packed

  • Come with a nutrition label

  • Rotating menus and variety

How to order:
  1. 2 different ways;

    1. Via Website-Simply scroll down to view our shop

    2. Via App- Download the "Spaces By WIX" app, search for Expedition wellness and Join

  2. In the app, Click "Buy Now" or "Shop"​

  3. Add your meals to the cart

  4. Go to your cart, checkout, enter your information

  5. Select pick up or delivery. *Please note, If you want to pick up at your appointment, you can still select SISU for pick up or if using a QR code for "Grab & Go" payment....please make a note at checkout. For example, "Sisu Grab & Go" or "pick up at Dietitian appointment in Ankeny".

  6. Enter your payment and click Submit!!

  7. Orders will be delivered by 6pm on Sunday or ready pick up by Monday AM at your preferred location (SISU, WDM office, Ankeny office).

Meal Pre-Orders:  
*Starting May 1, 2023 "Summer Hours" 

New Menu will drop May 1, new menu will drop Monday, May 15, 2023
Ordering will be open Monday 7am-Thursday 9pm
Orders will be Delivered on Sundays

"Grab & Go" meals will be available at the following locations each Monday first come first serve;

  • Sisu Strength Academy

  • Expedition Wellness West Des Moines and Ankeny locations

  • If you are interested in partnering with EW Meals please click "Contact us" we would love to chat!

Batch Balanced Muffin Batters

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