My name is Jess.

The best title I have? Life changer.

Protein-loving, vegetable-obsessed, wife, mom, Registered Dietitian, marathoner, wanderlusting adventurer. I have a lot of titles. And I love them all.

You see my goal in life is to inspire, encourage, challenge and educate you to push yourself to reach YOUR goals, live your best life and rediscover the joy within yourself.

My passion for nutrition began my senior year in high school. As a sports nut, I was eager to learn more about food and its effect on the body. More specifically my body. I wanted to learn how food (the “right” foods that is) could help my sports performance. So my senior years I completely changed my eating habits.

Gone were the days of cookies, junk food and other processed foods. Instead, I started preparing salads, fruits and lean proteins to take to track meets. I even started doing the grocery shopping and making meals for my parents! That track season, I flew past many of my self-imposed goals and even competed in the state track meet! (PS - I just missed beating the school record for the mile by 1 second!)

That is when I decided to become a dietitian. I knew it was my calling to share how good food can change your life. After graduating from Iowa State University in 2007 with a degree in Dietetics, I began working with the West Des Moines School District. Through a couple of career changes, I gained more connection with my clients as a dietitian for Mercy Hospital, Koch Facial Plastic Surgery and lastly, The Spa at West Glen.

I have been helping women achieve their weight loss goals for over 10 years.

My mission is simple:

Achieving a healthy lifestyle can be fun, tasty, simple and affordable. Using evidence-based nutrition information, healthy, family-friendly recipes and inspiration to live each day to the fullest, let me guide you on your own “expedition” to whole health.

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Expedition Wellness • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist • Health and Wellness Professional