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     Hi! My Name is Jess    

The best title I have? Life changer.

Protein-loving, vegetable-obsessed, wife, mom, Registered Dietitian, marathoner, wanderlusting adventurer. I have a lot of titles. And I love them all.

You see my goal in life is to inspire, encourage, challenge and educate you to push yourself to reach YOUR goals, live your best life and rediscover the joy within yourself.

My passion for nutrition began my senior year in high school. As a sports nut, I was eager to learn more about food and its effect on the body. More specifically my body. I wanted to learn how food (the “right” foods that is) could help my sports performance. So my senior years I completely changed my eating habits.

Gone were the days of cookies, junk food and other processed foods. Instead, I started preparing salads, fruits and lean proteins to take to track meets. I even started doing the grocery shopping and making meals for my parents! That track season, I flew past many of my self-imposed goals and even competed in the state track meet! (PS - I just missed beating the school record for the mile by 1 second!)

That is when I decided to become a dietitian. I knew it was my calling to share how good food can change your life. After graduating from Iowa State University in 2007 with a degree in Dietetics, I began working with the West Des Moines School District. Through a couple of career changes, I gained more connection with my clients as a dietitian for Mercy Hospital, Koch Facial Plastic Surgery and lastly, The Spa at West Glen.

My mission is simple:

Achieving a healthy lifestyle can be fun, tasty, simple and affordable. Using evidence-based nutrition information, healthy, family-friendly recipes and inspiration to live each day to the fullest, let me guide you on your own “expedition” to whole health.


     Hi! My Name is Alex    

Hi, my name is Alex Ceryanec and I’m a Registered Dietitian with Expedition Wellness. I’m an Iowa native, I grew up in Cedar Rapids and now live in Des Moines with my husband, Matt, and our dog, Mabel! I have a B.S. in Health and Human Physiology from University of Iowa, a B.S. in Dietetics from Iowa State University, and I did my Dietetic Internship at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.


My background is in clinical nutrition with experience in pediatrics and adults as well as specialty in cystic fibrosis, nutrition support, GI disorders, Endocrine disorders, and weight loss. Like many, as I was growing up I felt like I was constantly inundated with the media’s interpretation of what nutrition should be and it usually felt confusing or conflicting.

During my time at University of Iowa I got a snippet of science based nutrition and fell in love with learning just how feeding our body actually affects our mental and physical health. Once I learned that Registered Dietitian was a career path I jumped on board and went on to study Dietetics as well. I am passionate about nutrition, education, and body positivity.


I believe that everybody is unique and each individual should be armed with the personal knowledge, and confidence, on how to properly fuel and care for their body. I look forward to working with you on reaching your goals and finding a sustainable healthy lifestyle!


     Hi! My Name is Tara    

Hi, my name is Tara Mikus and I am the Corporate Wellness Coordinator and Personal Trainer for EW as well as the Social Media and Marketing Manager. I was born in Berkeley, CA but grew up in Lincoln, NE (GO HUSKERS!). I grew up playing all sports and ended up falling in love with soccer. This is where my passion for nutrition and exercise stemmed from. I needed to know how to correctly fuel my body and train so I could reach my full potential. 


Fast forward to college, I attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and received my Bachelor’s degree in Education and Human Sciences where I majored in Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Science and minored in Business. I was able to really dive deep into pursuing this passion through my classes, sorority life, clubs, and even intramurals and it ignited a fire in me for health and wellness. 


I moved to Des Moines, in 2021 with my now husband! We have a golden retriever named Marlin who is our pride and joy. I love everything wellness and helping people meet their full potential and hit their goals!


     Hi! My Name is Jennifer     

I was born and raised for half of my life in San Bernardino. California. My Mom decided to move us to Iowa when I was 14 years old so we can be closer to her family. I have lived in two different states in Mexico, 4 years in Durango MX and 1 ½ in Guanajuato, MX. I really loved it there, it is so beautiful, and the life is so slow paced compared to here in the States. I am married to my best friend and have 4 beautiful children who literally drive me crazy most days.

My love for running and playing sports all started my sophomore year of High School when my new friends talked me into joining the basketball team. Although I wasn’t the best at this sport, I loved how it made me more social and helped me make more friends who then convinced me to go out for track. Track is where I fell in love with running and the adrenaline rush I would get right before a race.

I have always had a passion for trying to maintain an active healthy life but have never been the best at it. It was literally just recently I contacted one of my best friends from high school (A.K.A Jessica Schroeder) to start getting some help on eating healthier so I can achieve my goal of losing some weight and to start toning my body a little. I started on this journey in mid- March of this year (right before the corona virus took over) and have lost over 20 lbs now. Not only did eating healthy help me lose weight it also helped me become more confident in myself and has given me more energy to accomplish more
things in my day-day life.

I have found my passion not only for exercise but I have found my passion for healthy eating and am now very passionate to share my experience and knowledge to others who a struggling with managing their weight and eating healthy.


     Hi! My Name is Becca   

Hi, my name is Becca Van Roekel and I was born and raised in central Iowa. I am a Registered Dietitian at Expedition Wellness. I attended Northwest Missouri State University for my Bachelors in Food and Nutrition: Dietetics and completed my dietetic internship and Master in Clinical Nutrition Program from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

My background has been in long term care and clinical nutrition with encompassing many areas. My husband and I live in West Des Moines with our two dogs. We are always on the go whether that be riding horses, hiking, running, gardening, walking our dogs, cooking meals and spending time with family, but I wouldn't have it any other way! My love for nutrition began with learning about the physiology of our body and how the foods we eat play such an important aspect on how we fuel our bodies. I began experimenting in the kitchen as my mom called it with incorporating nutrient dense foods into my family's favorite recipes.

I have continued this love for nutrition and enjoy getting to work with individuals by guiding and educating them toward their individualized nutrition goals.  I believe there is no one size fits all and that everyone has their own journey and goals on how to fuel their body but also enjoy the foods that we are eating! I am looking forward to getting to work with my clients to guide them toward their individualized nutritional goals.

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     Hi! My Name is Jackie     

I'm Jackie Servellon, Executive Chef for Expedition Wellness Meals and a lifelong food enthusiast! I have worked in the hospitality and restaurant industry for 20 years, gaining invaluable experience, knowledge, and skills that I bring to my current role. 

My journey to becoming a chef started with a Bachelor's degree in Spanish from ETSU, where I founded festivals and community events that brought diverse communities together to celebrate and share their culture, language, and food. After graduating, I moved to Iowa in 2011 and began a new career in social services, providing trauma-informed resources, education, and supported training for youth and women returning to their communities after incarceration. Even while working in social work, I always stayed connected to the food industry, where I feel most at home.

This year, I decided to pursue my passion for building community through food and am currently attending the Iowa Culinary Institute focusing on Culinary Arts and Baking to further my culinary skills so that I can bring all the tools necessary to give back to our community, clients, and beyond. 

When I'm not in the kitchen or school, you can find me weightlifting, rollerblading, attending community festivals, playing board games with friends, or expressing my creativity through various art forms. I'm also a proud parent of two wonderful children who inspire me every day to live a life of purpose and intention. 

I truly believe that food has the power to bring people together and create positive change in our communities. That's why I'm passionate about creating healthy and delicious meals for Expedition Wellness clients and the Des Moines Community!  I am committed to using food as a force to bring people closer to themselves while building a strong community in genuine hospitality.

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