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Weight Lost: -29 lbs.

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 25.6%

I learned that I shouldn’t have an All or nothing mentality when it comes to health habits and you can have a bad day or a bad meal throughout the day and still make an effort to readjust. I’ve learned that consistency matter so much regardless of what the scale might be telling you one week you may not see any change whatsoever and you keep going and you trust the plan results will come.

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Weight Lost: -13.4 lbs.

Percent Body Fat Lost: -10.9%

Stick with it and be consistent. Trust in your dietitian and Expedition Wellness. If you want to be successful you have to be open to changing current habits and relationships with food. I had to learn that the reason I had put on weight was because of my habits. Expedition Wellness helped me change these, but if I hadn’t been open to them I may not have had the same success as I do so trust the process and be adventurous. The foods I was afraid to try in the past it turns out are delicious I don’t go a night without eating my vegetables now they are often times my favorite part of the meal. 


Weight Lost: -31 lbs.

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 30.6%

- I am a former triathlete who has raced everything between a 5k and a full-distance Ironman. In August 2019, I suffered a serious bike accident which led me to 5 surgeries over the following 2.5 years. Without the huge volume of activity I was used to, I ended up putting on weight and slowly feeling worse and worse. I had a lot of trouble sleeping at night and could hardly stay awake during the day. I couldn’t quite get back to how I’d felt before the accident. My wife recommended working with Expedition Wellness and I’m very glad she did! After 6 months of working with Payton, I feel infinitely better and I have lost nearly 30 lbs and 10% body fat! I’ve also made more progress running over the past 6 months than I had in the previous 2 years and I’m very excited to see how I continue to improve. Moving forward, I will work toward balanced intuitive eating and continue to monitor my progress using InBody at home.


Weight Lost: -18 lbs.

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 6.4%

How has your lifestyle changed, since working with Expedition Wellness?

Besides choosing healthier meal/snack options at home, I learned how easy it can be to eat out and choose healthier options.  Due to this new healthier lifestyle, I don’t feel “blah” anymore, have increased energy and can run FAST again!


Weight Lost: -24.9lbs

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 9.7%

Things I learned while working with Expedition Wellness:

  • How to eat healthy with travel and work

  • I learned how to enjoy eating vegetables

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Weight Lost: -22lbs

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 10.1%

My lifestyle has changed in the way I eat since working with Expedition Wellness. I know how to prepare my food better and what to look for and what not to eat. How to overcome some cravings. That eating better helps your workouts and makes you feel more energized. The program has really helped me feel more confident in preparing ways to make foods with more veggies and other ways to make them.


Weight Lost: -35.2lbs

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 16%

I feel like my choices when eating and self control over what I eat has changed for the better. I feel more motivated to make a change in my lifestyle because I see results every week. I love being able to see the hard work pay off. I also just feel more happy and confident in my body.


Weight Lost: -25 lbs.

Percent Body Fat Lost: -12.5%

What was your “Why”?

“I decided to work with Jess because after 4 kids, I knew I wanted to be successful with weight loss and she has given me the tools to do it.  I now love meal planning!  She has great recipes and after these months of practice, it is easy to know what to make and buy. 


Weight Lost: -33 lbs.

Percent Body Fat Lost: -12.8%

What part of the EW protocol did you find most helpful?

1:1 consulting , weekly accountability and being able to see my success on the InBody scale through the Body Composition Analysis.


Weight Lost: -17lbs

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 7%

What tips do you have for others who want to pursue their weight loss goals following the Expedition Wellness Plan?

Expedition Wellness helps keep you accountable for your healthy food choices. Weekly check ins help with being able to talk about your concerns so you can make adjustments to get you back on track. Jessica always made sure to remind me of my water intake which is crucial to weight loss also.

Lori Marshall

Weight Lost: -14lbs

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 3.1%

Lifestyle has changed since working with Expedition Wellness:  I am held accountable and think about what I'm putting in my body.  I watch my carb intake when drinking alcohol.  I now scan the restaurant menu for healthier options when out or look at menu online before I go out.  The check ins with Jess help me get my life back on track knowing that I will be weighing in.


Weight Lost: -15lbs

Percent Body Fat Lost: - 6.1%