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Weight Lost: -37lbs

Percent Body Fat Lost: -14.6%

Duration (How many weeks/months/years did it take to reach your goal?):

11 months

I began this journey because I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes. Over the course of the last few years I had tried numerous plans and tried to do them on my own but the weight just creeping up. There is a history of Type 2 diabetes in my family and I knew I needed to make some real changes to help combat this disease in my own life. If I’m being honest, the pictures I had been seeing over the last few years were very hard to look at as well…vanity is real, but in the end, my health was the core of my decision.

When I started I told Jess I know what I need to do, but I just don’t do it.She had other thoughts around this statement…”Do you really? As I have embarked on this journey, I realize…NO! I did not know what to do! I have learned so much about portions, products, and my purpose in all this. Every week, I had time to reflect on what went well, what I still need to work on, and where I need to focus. My goal along the way had been staying realistic. As much as I wanted the weight to come off quicker, I knew I needed to be realistic and just keep making progress. The weight did not come on all at once, so it was not going to come off all at once. It has to be a lifestyle and I am committed to making this my norm.

As I go forward, I need to continue to stay realistic. I have much more to learn and work on, but as I progress into maintenance, I am grateful for the current tools I have. As I have learned and grown over the last months, I realize I am glad to get back to “real” eating after a few weekends of not so great choices. As I continue on this path, that is one of the things I still have to get better at…the planning for crazy weekends. I have made progress, but still have some work to do there. I am looking forward to staying active and continuing to find new recipes and products to maintain my goals.

What were some of your favorite products or convenience items that you utilized during your journey? I.e. a certain protein shake, high protein waffle, etc.

I found the Fairlife and Premier Protein shakes. I also discovered the Quest hero bars and Pure Protein bars. The Tattooed Chef and Trader Joe’s frozen cauliflower rices have been great for easy/quick sides for dinners.

What is your favorite new vegetable? How do you like to prepare it?

I think the vegetable that stands out the most to me is squashes and zucchini. They are so versatile and I love to use them as a base for many meals. Roasting, zoodles, and sauteing are the ways I typically prepare them. I have found Cauliflower to be a good base as well and love to use it as rice.

What are some of the ways you feel your lifestyle has changed for the better since working with Expedition Wellness?

Since starting with Expedition Wellness, I have gained more energy and purpose in my activities. Working with preschoolers, these changes have allowed me to have a more active role in the movement and music portion of our day as well as a more positive outlook and overall peace in my day to day attitude. It has made me realize how our overall health directly relates to our attitude and outlook on life.

Please share 1-2 things that you feel you have learned since you started your journey?

I learned to be patient with myself. As long as you keep the big picture in mind and you continue to work towards it, it will eventually come. I’ve also learned the importance of trying new foods and what foods are worth eating.

What tips do you have for others who want to pursue their weight loss goals following the Expedition Wellness Plan?

Gosh! 1 or 2?! Expedition Wellness has opened my eyes to so many things! (on a funny note….Can I love vodka instead of wine?!) The one biggie Jess said, that sticks with me…4-6 oz of protein and 2 cups of veggies is a meal. If you give yourself that (and your family) that’s what you NEED (and so does your family). Be Prepared!!! Shakes, bars, veggies, yogurts….

What are some of the ways you plan to stay on track in maintenance?

I have had many conversations with friends around this….It’s real and about you and who/where you are. There is no one size fits all, it’s about what you need and what works for you. There is never a perfect time to start, so just jump in and start learning!

How can Expedition Wellness best assist you in maintenance?

I plan to check in (probably more frequently than she wants!!) with Jess and continue to use the tools (pinterest and facebook) to help keep me focused. I have loved the DogPatch and Batch Balanced businesses you recommended. These are great resources!! I will do the salad subscription again this spring! :)

Would you recommend Expedition Wellness to others?

ABSOLUTELY! I have already!! :)

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