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NEW Meals

Who We Are
Our mission at Expedition Wellness Meals is to provide our community with high quality, accurately portioned, flavorful, and nutritious macro minded meals.
Properly fueling your body while not having to think and prepare the food all on your own is truly one of the best forms of self-care.

What makes Expedition Wellness Meals different?
  • Accurate- we know how important having accurate nutrition information can be. Trust our team of experts to measure out each ingredient precisely matching the food label.

  • Nourishing-Packed with the perfect protein/carb/fat ratios that can be customized to meet your specific goals

  • Family Style offering- family style includes 4 servings/container

  • Variety of calorie needs- from weight loss to weight gain; building muscle to losing fat, we got you covered.

  • Mindfulness of nutrients- Each of our meals contain a whopping 30g protein!!! That's right 30g! 30g of protein/meal has been shown to help stabilize blood sugars throughout the day as well as keep you full and satisfied longer.

  • Chef quality, flavor, texture and color are bound to leave you absolutely satisfied

Our secret ingredient.....JOY!! 

Not only should food be nutritious and delicious, but it should truly fill you with joy. We sprinkle a little bit of joy and love into each of our nutrition-packed meals. Whether you need a few meals to supplement your personal meal plan or you want a night off from planning a healthy family meal. Expedition Wellness meals are sure to be your new favorite style of self care!

How to order:
  1. 2 different ways;

    1. Via Website-Simply scroll down to view our shop

    2. Via App- Download the "Spaces By WIX" app, search for Expedition wellness and Join

  2. In the app, Click "Buy Now" or "Shop"​

  3. Add your meals to the cart

  4. Go to your cart, checkout, enter your information

  5. Select pick up or delivery. *Please note, If you want to pick up at your appointment, you can still select SISU for pick up or if using a QR code for "Grab & Go" payment....please make a note at checkout. For example, "Sisu Grab & Go" or "pick up at Dietitian appointment in Ankeny".

  6. Enter your payment and click Submit!!

  7. Orders will be delivered by 6pm on Sunday or ready pick up by Monday AM at your preferred location (SISU, WDM office, Ankeny office).

Meal Pre-Orders:  
Ordering will be open Monday 8am-Wednesday 8pm
Orders will be Delivered on Sundays

"Grab & Go" meals will be available at the following locations each Monday first come first serve;

  • Sisu Strength Academy

  • If you are interested in partnering with EW Meals please click "Contact us" we would love to chat!

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