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Mindfully balanced with 16g of protein, 9g of fat and 11g of net carbs, Mint Chocolate high-protein batter is a fun twist on our incredibly popular Double Chocolate batch. 

A chocolate lover's dream, our Mint Chocolate batter adds a refreshing hint of mint to the decadent flavors of our Double Chocolate batter. The muffins are perfect with your morning coffee or in the evening when you’re craving a sweet treat. All Batch Balanced sweet flavors combine Greek yogurt and egg whites as our two main ingredients delivering complete protein from whole foods. Oat flour and almond flour are used in lieu of traditional baking ingredients to provide a gluten-free option and healthy fats for a truly balanced bite. 

Top your high-protein muffins with dark chocolate chips and satisfy your sweet tooth, appetite and desire for wholesome food made with real ingredients.  

Calories Per Serving: 190
Serving Size is 2 Standard Muffins or 8 Mini Muffins  

BB Mint Chocolate High Protein Muffin

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